It takes a village to raise a band.

MVT Band Boosters

The fact that your son or daughter has joined the Toro Band makes you a Toro Band Booster!  The goal of the Toro Band Boosters is do everything possible to help Mr. Burgener and Mr. Risch make our band better.  The Toro Band Boosters provide an endless amount of help throughout the year.

All activities of the association are planned and organized by an elected council of volunteer parents. Please feel free at any time to contact any of the council members listed at right.  They are more than happy to answer your questions.  Also, if there is a specific job you would like to volunteer to do, these are the people to contact to sign up.  If you are unsure of which person to contact, just contact the President and she will guide you in the right direction.

All association meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and typically last 60-90 minutes.  Meetings are open to ALL parents, and are typically held in the Mountain View Band Room or in the Mountain View Auditorium.  Mr. Burgener runs the meeting in conjunction with the President, and we always provide you with tons of information about band activities so that you can always be on top of what's going on.

In addition, we post the minutes from each meeting in the Forms/Handouts section of Charms.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can typically read through the minutes to get a good idea of what has been discussed.

Please remember that even when marching season is completed, there are still band activities.  We continue to meet in the spring, so please join us year-round.  We have one of the finest band programs in the entire state.  We will be even better if we can get lots of parents attending our boosters meetings.

One of the most IMPORTANT things a Band Booster can do is be there to watch us perform. The Marching Band loves nothing more than seeing a HUGE section of red parent t-shirts up in the stands cheering and screaming for them.  As always, Mr. Burgener is challenging the Band Boosters this year to have at least 100 boosters in red shirts at each performance.

We have jobs that last five minutes, five hours, five days, you name it. We appreciate all helpers and volunteers, no matter what your time commitment. Examples of some of the specific things the Toro Band Boosters do are:

    During Band Camp, the Boosters provide water and fresh fruit to keep band members hydrated. They also keep a supply of cold wet towels to keep everyone cool.

    Throughout the year, we need parents who can sew, fix, construct, maintain, build, cook, fundraise, etc. If you have a special talent, we most likely can use you!

    At games and festivals, the parents are involved in many ways, including providing water, helping with uniform check-out and check-in, hair braiding, equipment loading and transport, chaperoning, and numerous other things.

MVT Band Boosters

It takes a village to raise a band.

Mountain View High School     2700 East Brown Road  Mesa, Arizona  85213       Phone 480-472-6900

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You will see evidence of this at band festivals when you see parents scurrying around just like you! The band simply cannot survive without the boosters. Don¹t think it is all work and no play, however, because many of our band boosters have developed friendships that have continued even past graduation! Similar to the students, the parents bond and become a team.  We even have several alumni parents that come back and continue to help even after they've "graduated."


There are many options for letting us know that you would like to help.  You can go to our online Volunteer Sign-Up Form.  You can contact any of the officers by e-mail and let them know.  You can also come to our regular meetings and let us know in person.  If you are at a band event, just find one of the band boosters officers in their red shirts and ask what needs to be done.  We always welcome help of all kinds!

In addition, you might want to check at work to see if they offer a monetary donation to the band when you put in service hours.  Some of the large corporations have programs like this in place.

Meet Our Boosters Officers

Because our band is so large, we take five buses everywhere we go.  There is always a need for adult chaperones on every bus.

We are always looking for helpers at our fundraisers.  We need parent support at car washes, the Golf Tournament, and more!